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Application Settings

Application settings is very important in the beginning, when you get your fresh and empty instance of My Section. Here is detailed description:

Start date of WINTER semester period *

System is divided into School Years and Semesters. For example you can have 2015/2016 Winter or 2015/2016 Summer Semester. When the international student registers or applies for buddy, he is registered into the current semester and school year. But how does the system knows, what semester and year is the current? For example if you set Start date of WINTER semester period * to 20.08. (20th August) the system knows, that 20.08. it has to switch the semester from Summer semester to Winter semester. The year is then derived from the current date.

Example: Set to 20.08. At 20.08.2016 00:00 the system will switch to Winter Semester 2016/2017.

Start date of SUMMER semester period *

The basic description is the same as #Start date of WINTER semester period * with the difference, that here you set start of the SUMMER semester period.

Example: Set to 01.02. (1st February) the system will switch at 01.02.2017 00:00 to Summer Semester 2016/2017.
Another Example: Set to 15.12. the system will switch at 15.12.2016 00:00 to Summer Semester 2016/2017.

It is good idea, to upload your own logo to the system. It will be displayed in the system and in the emails the system sends.

Supported formats:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • SVG

We recommend to use only PNG or JPG, because SVG is not supported in emails. We are working on a solution to solve this issue.

Force set Default Maximum Students globally

This is very powerful feature, which can override the value for maximum allowed students globally. You can use this when you want to set new value for everyone, or disable the feature (set to 0 or leave empty)

Default Maximum Students

Newly registered buddies will get this value assigned.

Set to 0 or leave empty, to make the maximum amount of students unlimited

Start date of Buddy Programme

Under development

End date of Buddy Programme

Under development

Section name *

This is the name of your section. It will be shown on the page as My Section.

Set to ESNCULS - results in My ESNCULS

Your facebook page URL

If you have a facebook page, you can copy-paste the URL of this page to this variable. If set, all the International Students will get the feed from this page on their dashboards. Also if set, there is a link to your page in the footer of all the emails system sends.

Contact Email *

We recommend to set this value to your Cuddy Coordinator email, or any other person responsible for the buddy programme. This email also appears in the footer of all emails and is considered as contact email for the international students in case of any problems.