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Mailing system

Mailing system is included in uni-buddy as a tool for contacting a group of users.

Creating a mailing list

Mailing list stands for a "group" of users, which will be set as a recipient of an email. It can be created in menu Mailing -> Mailing lists.

Adding users to a mailing list

Both Buddies and Students can be added to existing mailing list. Users can be added in management table (Student or Buddies) by selecting multiple users and choosing the mailing list to be added to. In case of adding one user to the particular mailing list multiple times, the user will be added only once

All users can unsubscribe themselves from the list by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link in the footer of every email delivered.

Composing an Email

Emails can be composed using a simple editor with basic styling - format, lists, insert an image, insert a link.

Every change is instantly saved as a draft and can be restored (in case the browser is shut down), so are the Sent mails, which can be found and reused again.


Sending statistics

Emails can be tracked down in the Statistics page. This page shows statistics of all mailing lists in a chosen period of time - Sent, delivered and failed emails, along with users' un-subscription or spam flag.

Sending quota

Since the sending is provided by a third party service, the quota for sending was limited to 1000 emails per every month for now.