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What is Buddy Rating

Buddy rating serves as anonymous feedback from Students about their Buddies. Students give 1-5 star rating + optional positive/negative comments about their Buddy. This rating is visible only to Buddy Coordinators and Administrators. Buddy rating helps to identify the the best working Buddies, possible problems/misinformation which can be used for improvement of the Buddy programme.

Request Feedback.png

Getting started with rating

Rating isn't possible until it's manually started. Buddy Coordinator can decide, when is the best time to ask for rating (eg. 2 weeks after the start of semester, middle of the semester.., etc.). To start ranking, click at the Student Feedback button on the Buddies Management page.

It is possible to specify the Semester, which will be feedback collected from and once it's set, the dialog will show how many Students will receive the email. It will also show how many Students have already received the email (nobody will get the email more than once, so it's possible to send out the emails multiple times, if there are any new students).

Rating Email.png

Rating procedure

Students will receive the ranking link in their mailbox. Following this link they can post ranking with stars and optional comments.

Rate your buddy.png

The ranking can be then found in the Buddy's profile, under the Student Records tab. Optional comments are displayed when the mouse cursor is hovered over the star rating.

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