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Version 1.4.0

3rd July 2017

  • Introduced the Facebook registration/login
  • Simplified the registration process: the email verification moved to the end of registration.

Version 1.3.2

20th May 2017

  • Added toggle switch between two methods of students pairing: Buddies can choose students freely or Buddy Coordinator manually assigns students (Buddies can't take anyone). This is an alternative to the "Closed" rule of all faculties, but it's more intuitive and placed in the Application settings.

Version 1.3.1

8th May 2017

  • New update of exports to Excel! Filter out the students you need (e.g. by nationality, faculty, etc.), select them and export these selected students to Excel. It works for buddies as well. Additionally, we added some useful filtering key words
  • Changes in semesters - The system now creates not only the actual semester, but also one semester in future. International students can choose which semester to register to.
  • Toggle Student registration - now it's possible to open or close registration of students
  • We added buttons with useful filters to tables - Easily filter students with/without buddy, arrived or without arrival date etc. by one click
  • Application settings are slightly redesigned, made more comprehensible
  • We added new locations for custom disclaimers: Buddies' and Students' dashboards. You can pin important information to both dashboards. (it creates a button, which shows the popup window - the button has same label as the header of disclaimer)

Version 1.3.0

1st May 2017

Version 1.2.5

2nd February 2017

  • Added a new bulk action: Register selected students to a chosen semester.

Version 1.2.3

17th January 2017

  • Added bulk actions to Management tables - select multiple Students/Buddies and edit Faculty/Study Programme/Max Students/Account State with one click. Executed actions are saved in the Events Log.
  • Removed "Force set Max Students" from Application settings - use the Buddy management table instead (SELECT ALL + set Max students)
  • Added Tag filter to Management tables - Possible to combine Live search and Tag filters
  • Color panels on the Dashboard are smaller to save space.
  • Minor design and performance improvements

Version 1.2.2

24th December 2016

  • Added User Tags
  • Reworked buddy requests design - We made it more responsive with larger displays, added Tags, added function Filter by Tags
  • Removed "Level of English" field from registration, replaced with Tags

Version 1.2.1

17th December 2016

  • Added Buddy Rating Overview - a table with all ratings submitted in selected semester with search and sorting
  • Significantly increased performance of all management tables on phones and tablets

Version 1.2

13th December 2016

  • Added Buddy Rating
  • New statistics, including brand new Semester Time-series, showing the days with the most students registered, students taken and when the most students will arrive


15th November 2016

  • Event registration page now allow to choose semester from which the students are registered.

Version 1.1.3

9th November 2016

  • Students' requests on Dashboard are now sortable either by Student's arrival (default) or date of their registration.
  • Requests of Students who have already arrived are now hidden (added Show arrived button)
  • After arrival Student Registration - ESNcard and phone number are no longer required fields
  • Event Manager can now create after Arrival Student registrations as well as Buddy Coordinator
  • On Student's profile added link to his Buddy's profile
  • On Buddy's profile added a new tab which shows a list of all Students taken for all semesters
  • Sorting setting is now saved to cookie (management tables)
  • Manage student table: Green Buddy button now links to buddy's profile, instead of buddy's students
  • Fixed wrong sorting of Event registration table
  • Fixed Public Events page
  • Fixed "release Buddy" bug

Version 1.1.2

24th October 2016

  • Speed up of table loading (noticeable in larger sections with 200+ ppl)
  • ESNcard can be now edited directly from the table - click on "Edit Values" and edit it right in the table
  • The old way to edit ESNcard from the dropdown menu was removed
  • Speed up of Live table search - now working well even with slower computers/phones
  • Live table search now accepts full names of Countries and Faculties (You can type "germany" to filter out all German students)

Version 1.1.1

14th October 2016

  • Performance improvements
  • Decreased data usage during loading pages

Version 1.1.0

2nd October 2016

  • Added option to reject/archive buddy.
  • Added Automatic archiving of inactive buddies
  • New management tables divided to Active Buddies, Rejected Buddies, Archived Buddies
  • New messages for buddies during log in (Application reject, or application still waiting for review)
  • New welcome email to registered buddy before the buddy coordinator activates buddy, so they know, that the registration was successful and now they have to wait for the buddy coordinator to review the application.

Version 1.0.9

23th September 2016

  • Added WYSIWYG editor to custom Disclaimers administration - It's possible to format your disclaimers

Version 1.0.8

18th September 2016

  • Performance improvements
  • Added new mobile menu
  • Added buddy profile link to Buddy's students page
  • Student/Buddies Management tables now remember your last sorting settings
  • Added new HELP page, directing students/buddies problems to either Buddy Coordinator or My Section developers
  • Added Buddy Coordinator's email to the page footer and to various system/error messages
  • Changed texts on Registration page - to understandably define who's an International Student and who's a Buddy
  • Changed system messages to be more comprehensive

Version 1.0.7

15th August 2016

  • New items logged in events log
  • Improved Events list - shows Current/All events, Improved edit event - live search organiser, help texts
  • Removed no buddy request option from student registration
  • Number of students taken showed from semester (Before showed all students taken in total)
  • Enabled profile edit for Admin role and removed accept terms and conditions while edit profile
  • Minor improvements

Version 1.0.6

11th August 2016

  • Fixed: Buddy could not open student's profile, when there was rule restriction even when they were paired together.
  • Fixed: Gender signs.
  • Improved: Events menu shows only events for current semester. (faster loading) Other events can be listed from inside with link to "All events"

Version 1.0.5

25th June 2016

  • design of login/registration screen changed
  • added ability to change login/registration screen background
  • background image is automatically blurred
  • added possibility to create custom disclaimers on registration screen of buddy and student registration
  • new information email is sent when buddy coordinator cancels matched buddy and student
  • user is obliged to check agree with terms and privacy regulations on registration
  • new settings menu item - disclaimers


1st June 2016

  • fixed bug where buddy preference showed "man" instead of "anyone"
  • minor improvements

Version 1.0.4

18th May 2016

  • Added a new function - Rules for Faculties. See the Rules
  • Added filters and hiding columns to Buddy Management Table
  • Updated design of Buddy and Student Management Tables
  • Fixed bug causing that default logo of My Section wasn’t displayed in Emails

Version 1.0.3

24th April 2016

  • added views for logs (system events, access logs)

Version 1.0.2

22th April 2016

  • added logging of user logins
  • added last login information - stored and printed in buddy and student management page

Version 1.0.1

19th April 2016

  • added possibility to set currency for event
  • added possibility to edit students' information in same way like buddies' (edit mode button)
  • fixed the bug that made impossible to sort buddies by faculty
  • fixed inaccurate statistics output
  • fixed plain text version of some emails

Version 1.0

Initial version, 13th April 2016

  • Featuring Buddy pairing system, Event management, Student & Buddy management

Pre 1.0 versions, July 2015 - April 2016

  • July 2015 - started from scratch
  • September 2015 - registration and events management
  • November 2015 - new custom design, buddy pairing system, NP presentation
  • December 2016 - cloud backend system
  • April 2016 - Version 1.0, AGM presentation