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What are Tags


Tags represent Buddy's or Student's interest/hobbies/opinions. During the registration, they can choose Tags, which will be publicly visible to others. The number of tags to choose is limited to 5, to make users select only very significant Tags and to narrow down their preferences. Every user can edit their tags later.

Tags management

Tags are saved in different categories (eg. Sports) in Tags Management (Settings->Tags). The basic Tags are in the database by default and Administrators can change them freely - remove, edit, add new (both categories and individual tags) or drag-and-drop them between categories.

Caution: Removing a single tag will also remove it from all users who selected it. Removing whole category will also remove all tags contained (and from all users).

It's possible to "turn off" Tags by removing all categories and all tags, users won't be asked to select tags then